CEO's Speech

CEO's Speech

  Looking back the beginning of our company, from initial accessories manufacture to R&D, manufacturing and trading of computer monitor stand and hinge products, Hanhai has accumulated accessories manufacture key technology , core craft and useful cost control system from client line of parts manufacturer, ODM to branded customer. Meanwhile, we have explored new ideas of user experience and product design from the experience of servicing ODM manufacturer and branded customer, with these accumulation built up today’s Hanhai group.

  Under the principle of “Strategic first, Strict risk control, Scientific management, Data operation”, we always adhere to“integrity, innovation, enthusiasm, Effectiveness” core values, focus on intelligent and healthy office solutions and become industry leader.

  Now the prioritized test our management team facing is how to adjust company’s strategic plans to fit in new stage development. Our management team should form strategic thinking mode, from company strategy, industry planning and organization development to highlight individual and organizational value and achieve enterprise sustainable development. We need to stand in strategic height of 5 years and 10 years to make preparations to deal with every project and problem. Through accumulated product technology , enterprise culture and management mode, Hanhai is built into an enterprise with modern scientific management and create value for our customer, ending users, shareholders and employees.