Company establishment

Company establishment

  In 2005, Hanhai Group was officially established under Chairman of Board Mr. Chen wang and President Mr. Zhang xiujin. Our company mainly focused on Rubber, Plastic and Metal stamping accessories production which included precision washers, slide rails and elbow pipe from 2005 to 2011.With rich experience in accessories business, Electronic product company was established in 2009, starting OEM and ODM business, self-made projectors, servers and other electronic products.

  With a continuous improvement of people’s living standard, green and healthy office environment is highly recommended by the public. Hanhai group was aware of making contributions to healthy office field and began to focus on hinge and stand business in 2011, opening a new page of cooperation with major branded computer customers around the world.

  Looking back the beginning of our company, from initial accessories manufacturing to R&D, manufacturing and trading of computer monitor stand and hinge products, Hanhai has accumulated accessories manufacturing key technology , core craft and useful cost control system from accessories manufacturer, ODM to brand consumer. Meanwhile, we have explored new ideas of user experience and production design from the experience of serving ODM manufacturer and brand customer, with these accumulation built up today’s Hanhai group.

  Based on monitor stand, hinge and other field, Hanhai moves forward bravely under the leadership of enterprise leader. Hanhai is committed to industry standard construction of stand and hinge based on reasonable design, safety, reliability and ergonomics and other advantages when industry standard is still not perfect.

  As an innovative enterprise, pursuing the business philosophy ” Integrity and Mutual help, Expanding and Innovation, Sustainable win“, Hanhai group firmly believes ergonomics can serve people on the basis of advanced technology.

  As a leader of manufacturing monitor stands, our belief is to help millions of people stay away from the disturbance of cervical spondylosis and work hard in this direction.